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Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved with the PTA - we are flexible and open to all kinds of help!


  • Join the PTA: Just by becoming a member, you are supporting the CES community! 

  • Volunteer: You can volunteer your time at events, volunteer to bring in needed items, or you can even volunteer to provide support with activities you can do from home!

  • Donate: Short on time?  You can also make donations to help us fund our activities and programs.

  • Run for Office: Want to get really involved?  Serve on the board!

  • Join a Committee: Do you have an interest in any particular area where you feel you can make an impact?  Join a committee!

  • Become a Sponsor: We want to build partnerships within our community.  If you have a business and would like to be a sponsor, please reach out!   


Join today to show your support of the CES community.  


Find out how you can help or sign up for a volunteer activity today.


Make a tax deductible donation to help fund PTA events, activities, and programs.

Run for office

Without leaders there would be no PTA.  Step up to run for office and help us lead the way.

join a committee

Put your special talents to use!  Join a committee and get more involved in our yearly activities.

become a sponsor

Do you own a business?  Build a partnership with the PTA and become a sponsor.

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