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Our PTA Leadership

The CES PTA could not exist without the hard-working parents and staff who dedicate their time and talents to support Centreville Elementary, our students, and our teachers.  Those listed below volunteered to provide leadership on our Executive Board.

Elected Officers | 2023-24

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Rebecca Yu



* vacant *

Vice President


* vacant *

Vice President

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Shannan Winkler



Emily Lee



Interested in being on the board?  Want to join a committee?  Let us know!


The Membership Committee builds an active membership, familiar with the mission, objectives, policies, and programs of the PTA.  The committee collects membership dues, distributes membership materials, and maintains a current membership list.  Responsibilities include developing initiatives to increase membership, conducting membership drives, promoting the benefits of the PTA to our school and community, and organizing fun family events to support and strengthen our CES community.


Family Activities Coordinator: 

New Family Outreach Coordinator: 


The Community Relations Committee is focused on building a CES community outside the school walls.  The focus of the committee is on parent education, advocacy, community relationships, and inclusion.



Advocacy Coordinator: 


Community Service Coordinator: 


Cultural Outreach Coordinator: 


Parent Education Coordinator:


The Fundraising Committee works to raise the funds that support school events, after-school and enrichment programs, and capital improvements to equipment and facilities.  This committee takes a creative and wide-ranging approach to fundraising through special events, sales, soliciting support from local businesses, and grant writing.


Corporate Sponsorship Chair:

Special Events Chair:

Restaurant Night Coordinator: 

Spirit Wear Coordinator: 

School Supply Coordinator: 


The Student Activities Committee coordinates a variety of fun, educational enrichment activities for students, including after-school activities and other programs related to curriculum-based educational enrichment.


Academic Enrichment Chair:

Literacy Coordinator: 

STEM Coordinator: 

Art Coordinator: 

Wellness Coordinator: 

After-School Enrichment Chair: 

Sixth Grade Party Chair: 


The Communications Committee oversees things like the PTA website, social media, the production of the PTA materials, enhancing e-mail communication, and the development of posters, flyers, invitations, and other materials needed to promote school events.

CHAIR: Rebecca Yu

Yearbook Chair: 

Bulletin Board Coordinator: 

Social Media Coordinator: Rebecca Yu

Website & Tech Administrator: Rebecca Yu

Room Parent Coordinator: Yuka Arbelaez


The Advisory Committee is made up of individuals who come together to provide guidance, suggestions, and recommendations to the PTA.  The primary purpose of the committee is to foster collaboration between parents, teachers, school administrators, and sometimes even students, in order to improve the educational experience and overall well-being of students within the school.  

Former Board Members: Char Wright, Ciarra Smith

Staff/Faculty Members:

Parent Members: 


Special Committees

Special Committees are temporary committees that have a definite purpose and are subject to the directives of the membership.  A Special Committee remains in existence until the duties assigned to them are accomplished, unless discharged sooner, and it ceases to exist as soon as the Association receives its final report.


By the end of each school year, either an experienced auditor or Financial Audit committee (minimum 3 people) is nominated and approved by the Executive Board.  These individuals are responsible for conducting the annual review of the CES PTA's financial statements and records and preparing a report and recommendations (if applicable).  The financial review must be completed before each school year and presented to the Executive Board and membership.


Member #2: TBD

Member #3: TBD


The Nominating Committee is a temporary committee (minimum 3 people), elected by the general membership at the March general membership meeting, responsible for soliciting candidates for Officers to serve on the Executive Board, as well as to determine their eligibility.  They present nominations at the April general meeting for the election, which must take place before May 1st.  Staff members and current Officers are not allowed to serve on the Nominating Committee.  The Nominating Committee will elect its chairperson.


Member #2: TBD

Member #3: TBD


The Bylaws Committee reviews the bylaws to ensure they are meeting the needs of the PTA and drafts language for bylaws amendments.  They help to ensure compliance with bylaws, address membership concerns with the bylaws, adhere to state guidelines on reviewing and amending bylaws, and help guard the PTA's "good standing" status.


The Parliamentarian ensures that the PTA functions per its bylaws.  This person is responsible for understanding the bylaws and advising the Executive Committee on the bylaws' applicability to PTA actions, including what issues require votes, timelines required for nominations and elections, and other procedural requirements.

Parliamentarian: TBD

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