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Advocacy at the CES PTA

The PTA works with our local officials (such as the School Board, Board of Supervisors, VA state representatives, etc.) to advocate for our CES community.  These issues include addressing teacher pay and benefits, reducing class sizes, and ensuring adequate funding and access to high-quality education.  In addition, we work to ensure you are informed of issues that could impact your student or opportunities to be engaged in shaping education direction at FCPS - empowering you to advocate for your child and our community.  Finally, we try to keep you informed about community-wide issues of particular interest to school families and staff that might impact their quality of life.


Get even more information and resources from the Fairfax Council of PTAs (FCCPTA), Fairfax County Special Education PTA (SEPTA), Virginia PTA (VA PTA), and the National PTA


Have questions or interest in joining our committee?  Email


The Fairfax County School Board is charged with setting general school policy and establishing guidelines to ensure the proper administration of FCPS programs.  Please share your thoughts on priorities for school funding and other school matters with our delegates.  You can also speak at a board meeting - sign up here.  Interested in what's being discussed at school board meetings?  You can access meeting minutes and videos.


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