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PTA Communication

The PTA communicates information to parents via four different channels:


Regular news and updates will be communicated via email to all parents at CES.  Check your inbox for important information from the PTA.


The PTA website has many resources for parents and teachers as well as updates and announcements regarding news and events.  Registration for events and programs will also be done via the website.


We use social media to make announcements, promote events, share pictures, and share helpful resources for parents.  Follow us on social media to stay informed!

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter


Download the BAND app to get announcements and updates, check schedules and get reminders, ask questions, vote on important decisions, and access videos and photos.  Volunteers for events and programs will be able to communicate directly with each other in private chats through the app.  The mobile app is free and convenient, but you can also access BAND through your browser at https://band.usUse this invite link to join.  

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Download BAND Now 

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