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PTA Leadership Structure

Executive Board: Includes the Executive Committee + Standing Committee Chairs

Executive Committee: Includes Elected Officers + School Principal

Elected Officers: Includes the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary

General Membership: Includes all PTA members

Elected Officers

The PTA officers meet regularly throughout the year and oversee the many activities and programs happening at CES throughout the year. 


Each spring, the Nominating Committee will recruit potential candidates for the Officer positions for the upcoming school year.  Only members whose individual dues are paid for the current fiscal year shall be eligible to hold office and to serve on the executive committee, executive board, standing, or special committees, or to serve as a delegate or alternate to the council.


Elected officers serve for a term of one (1) year or until their successors are elected.  No person shall hold more than one (1) elected office at a time.  No officer shall serve more than three (3) consecutive terms, or four (4) years total, in the same office.


  • Presides at all meetings of the membership and executive board

  • Manages overall objectives and strategies of the PTA

  • Coordinates the work of the Officers and Committees

  • Oversees fiscal compliance

  • Serves as a liaison with school administration or community partners

  • Appoints the Chair of each standing committee, subject to the approval of the Executive Board

  • Serves as an ex-officio member of all standing committees

  • Identifies challenges and proposes solutions

  • Represents PTA to the community

  • Recruits and mentors volunteers and future leaders


  • Develops and deploys a year-round membership recruitment and retention plan (with emphasis during the big Back to School time)

  • Coaches other PTA leaders in how to talk positively about PTA and membership with others

  • Sets up the membership categories and/or pricing for the new year

  • Drafts and distributes membership promotions and sign-up tools

  • Promotes membership at events at PTA, school, and community events

  • Develops, distributes, collects, and tracks membership applications and dues in partnership with the Treasurer

  • Enters data from membership forms into the PTA recordkeeping system

  • Collects dues on a monthly basis

  • Encourages online PTA membership sign-ups

  • Distributes physical or online membership cards

  • Creates or makes improvements to member onboarding process

  • Provides membership reports to the officers or board

  • Provides PTA history and accomplishments


  • Oversees fundraising events and programs for the year, including restaurant nights, spirit wear sales, and special fundraising events

  • Works with the President and the Treasurer to create the projected budget for the upcoming year

  • Creates relationships with community partners to solicit support through corporate sponsorships and donations


  • Maintains the books of account and records including bank statements, receipts, budgets, invoices, paid receipts, and canceled checks 

  • Submits written financial statements for meetings

  • Chairs the Budget Committee, which prepares and monitors the annual budget

  • Ensures an audit, financial review, or compilation is done in accordance with the bylaws

  • Files PTA's 990 report to the IRS

  • Submits state-level reports and filings, as required

  • Oversees proper handling of money, such as ensuring money is collected, counted, recorded, and deposited promptly and appropriately

  • Ensures financial checks and balances are in place


  • Works with President to create meeting agendas and send out meeting announcements and supporting documents

  • Takes attendance at meetings and checks for quorum (minimum number of members who must be present to conduct business at a meeting) during voting

  • Creates and publishes meeting minutes for all board and general membership PTA meetings and records any votes

  • Keeps official copies of bylaws and other documents, including membership lists

  • Assists with overall communication efforts to the general membership

Standing Committees

Standing Committees are formed to plan, promote, and implement the various activities of the PTA.  Committees do not function as separate groups but are part of the Association and must operate within the framework of PTA bylaws, policies, and procedures.  Committees make recommendations, not decisions.  All projects and activities must have the approval of the Executive Board and the Association in advance.  All money raised or derived from the activities of a Committee is deposited in the unit treasury and shall not be expended by any Chairman or Committee without the approval of the Executive Board and the Association.


The Membership Committee builds an active membership, familiar with the mission, objectives, policies, and programs of the PTA.  The committee collects membership dues, distributes membership materials, and maintains a current membership list.  Responsibilities include developing initiatives to increase membership, conducting membership drives, promoting the benefits of the PTA to our school and community, and organizing fun family events to support and strengthen our CES community.


Family Activities: The CES Family Activities Committee organizes several family-centered events during the year to encourage school and community spirit.  Responsibilities include publicizing the events, working with vendors (as applicable), overseeing registration, coordinating volunteers, setting up and managing the events.


New Family Outreach: The New Family Outreach Committee welcomes new families to the CES community.  The committee hosts gatherings or meetings for these families.  Responsibilities include:

  • Working with CES office staff to identify families who are new to the CES community

  • Planning gatherings to welcome new families to the school, as well as inviting new families to these events and publicizing

  • Organizing summer playdates for incoming Kindergarten families


The Community Relations Committee is focused on building a CES community outside the school walls.  The focus of the committee is on parent education, advocacy, community relationships, and inclusion.


Advocacy: The Advocacy Committee remains up-to-date on issues discussed by the FCPS School Board that may affect the Centreville Elementary community.  The Committee works with the CES PTA Board to notify our community of important issues, provide information for contacting leaders making the decisions, and share community meetings where families can get more information or voice their opinions.  Responsibilities include:

  • Staying on top of issues that potentially affect the CES community, including issues at the local and state levels

  • Publicizing issues to the PTA membership

  • Organizing support for positions that the PTA takes on issues

  • Acting as the liaison between the community and decision-makers

  • Drafting materials, as necessary, to promote the community's positions


Community Service: The Community Service Committee organizes service projects that parents and students can participate in that provide much-needed help to the community beyond our school doors.  Responsibilities include planning and publicizing service projects, soliciting volunteers, and coordinating service projects with intended beneficiaries.

Cultural Outreach: The Cultural Outreach Committee plans and organizes multicultural events, celebrating the cultural heritage of all of our Eagles.

Parent Education & Resources: The Parent Education & Resources Committee promotes opportunities for CES parents to come together to explore how to better understand and support children in elementary school.  The Committee sponsors gatherings where School Counselors or other relevant speakers lead discussions related to school and parenting.  Responsibilities include planning and scheduling parent education events, publicizing events, and setting up and moderating the events.


The Fundraising Committee works to raise the funds that support school events, after-school and enrichment programs, and capital improvements to equipment and facilities.  This committee takes a creative and wide-ranging approach to fundraising through special events, sales, soliciting support from local businesses, and grant writing.


Corporate Sponsorship: The Corporate Sponsorship Committee works with community partners to solicit sponsorship, donations, and partnerships for the CES PTA.


Special Events: The PTA hosts a number of annual fundraising events.  Responsibilities include coordinating dates and venues, securing sponsors, advertising the event, organizing volunteers, managing food sales, etc.

Individual Volunteer Positions

Restaurant Night Coordinator: The Restaurant Night Coordinator coordinates and advertises periodic fundraising events at local restaurants where the CES PTA will receive a percentage of sales.

Spirit Wear Coordinator: The Spirit Wear Coordinator will work with a graphic designer to create graphics for clothing (as needed), partner with a vendor to supply clothing, and coordinate sales either online or through pop-up shops at CES events.  

School Supply Coordinator: The School Supply Coordinator works with teachers to create a list of all supplies necessary for students for the upcoming year.  They provide this list to our school supplies vendor to enable online sales of school supply kits from May to July.  In addition, the Coordinator recruits volunteers to deliver school supply kits to classrooms for the start of the school year.


The Student Activities Committee coordinates a variety of fun, educational enrichment activities for students, including after-school activities and other programs related to curriculum-based educational enrichment.


After-School Enrichment: The After-School Enrichment Committee oversees all PTA-sponsored after-school activities at CES.  The program has three sessions - Fall, Winter, and Spring.  Responsibilities include overseeing vendors, selecting the activities to be offered, negotiating contracts with outside vendors, creating pricing for each activity, creating a course catalog, completing and filing any required paperwork with FCPS for approval, managing registration, working with instructors on an ongoing basis to ensure quality programming, monitoring attendance and student dismissal/pick-up, and submitting necessary paperwork and payment to FCPS for hours worked by FCPS employees.

Academic Enrichment: The Academic Enrichment Committee oversees student activities specifically designed to provide academic enrichment and supplemental learning for CES students.  Activities may be centered around themes such as literacy, STEM, art, or healthy lifestyles.


Sixth Grade Party: The Sixth Grade Party Committee coordinates the big send-off party for all graduating 6th graders.  Responsibilities include determining the theme, food, and activities; coordinating all logistics with the school and outside vendors; recruiting and managing volunteers; determining the budget and collecting any fees necessary; coordinating the sixth-grade class gift; and ordering class t-shirts.

Individual Volunteer Positions

Literacy Coordinator: The Literacy Coordinator coordinates all student activities centered around literacy.  Additional responsibilities may include assisting with the Scholastic Book Fair fundraiser.

STEM Coordinator: The STEM Coordinator coordinates all student activities centered around science, technology, engineering, and math.

Art Coordinator: The Art Coordinator coordinates all student activities centered around art, including coordinating the Reflections Program, an arts recognition program.  Student entries to the Reflections contest are due in October.  Responsibilities include publicizing the program, preparing applications, registering our PTA's local Reflections program with the county, collecting artwork, arranging for judging of the artwork and submitting artwork to the judges, registering winners with the county, preparing award certificates, and hosting an awards reception.  Additional responsibilities may include assisting with the coordination of the Square 1 Art fundraiser.

Wellness Coordinator: The Wellness Coordinator coordinates all student activities centered around wellness and healthy lifestyles.  The role focuses on helping children and their parents learn the benefits of healthy eating habits, regular exercise, and overall personal hygiene.


The Communications Committee oversees things like the PTA website, social media, the production of the PTA materials, enhancing e-mail communication, and the development of posters, flyers, invitations, and other materials needed to promote school events.


Yearbook Committee: The Yearbook Committee manages all aspects of Centreville Elementary yearbook publication.  Responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating with teachers and parent volunteers to take pictures of school events, field trips, and other CES happenings

  • Coordinating and publicizing school picture days

  • Working with teachers to gather information about their classes and students for the yearbook

  • Working with the art teachers for the cover art contest for sixth graders

  • managing the layout and content of the yearbook

  • Coordinating with the yearbook vendor to finalize the publishing and printing of the yearbook

  • Publicizing the availability of the yearbook

  • Overseeing the purchasing and distribution process

Individual Volunteer Positions

Bulletin Board Coordinator: The Bulletin Board Coordinator maintains the bulletin board in the CES front lobby.  Responsibilities include periodically refreshing the bulletin board with relevant content and announcements for CES families, such as upcoming events.

Social Media Coordinator: The Social Media Coordinator manages our social communications.  Responsibilities include planning the social content calendar, creating content (as needed), posting content, and managing any necessary responses to comments, etc.

Website & Tech Administrator: The Web & Tech Admin will identify where technology can help the PTA and work on initiatives to improve our use of technology.  Responsibilities include:

  • Identifying needs, setting priorities, and recruiting volunteers to assist

  • Ensuring the PTA website is u-to-date and managing online registrations for PTA activities and programs

  • Managing the CES PTA Google Workspace

  • Maintaining web domain registration

  • Providing "help desk" support for the Executive Board members, as needed

Room Parents Coordinator: The Room Parents Coordinator leads our team of Room Parents.  Responsibilities include recruiting parents for each class, training parents on the expectations, ensuring grade-level room parent meetings are held at the start of the year with teachers to create a plan for the year, and monitoring annual class fund budgets.


The Advisory Committee is made up of individuals who come together to provide guidance, suggestions, and recommendations to the PTA Board.  The primary purpose of the committee is to foster collaboration between parents, teachers, school administrators, and sometimes event students, in order to improve the educational experience and overall well-being of students within the school.

Special Committees

Special Committees are temporary committees that have a definite purpose and are subject to the directives of the membership.  A Special Committee remains in existence until the duties assigned to them are accomplished, unless discharged sooner, and it ceases to exist as soon as the Association receives its final report.


By the end of each school year, either an experienced auditor or Financial Audit committee (minimum 3 people) is nominated and approved by the Executive Board.  These individuals are responsible for conducting the annual review of the CES PTA's financial statements and records and preparing a report and recommendations (if applicable).  The financial review must be completed before each school year and presented to the Executive Board and membership.


The Nominating Committee is a temporary committee (minimum 3 people), elected by the general membership at the March general membership meeting, responsible for soliciting candidates for Officers to serve on the Executive Board, as well as to determine their eligibility.  They present nominations at the April general meeting for the election, which must take place before May 1st.  Staff members and current Officers are not allowed to serve on the Nominating Committee.  The Nominating Committee will elect its chairperson.


The Bylaws Committee reviews the bylaws to ensure they are meeting the needs of the PTA and drafts language for bylaws amendments.  They help to ensure compliance with bylaws, address membership concerns with the bylaws, adhere to state guidelines on reviewing and amending bylaws, and help guard the PTA's "good standing" status.

Individual Volunteer Positions

Parliamentarian: The Parliamentarian ensures that the PTA functions per its bylaws.  This person is responsible for understanding the bylaws and advising the Executive Committee on the bylaws' applicability to PTA actions, including what issues require votes, timelines required for nominations and elections, and other procedural requirements.

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