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The PTA is a 100% volunteer-run organization.  We can support so many wonderful activities for the CES community because parents pitch in to help.  Without the support and the time of our parent volunteers, many of the events and the resources the PTA provides would not be possible.

Below you will find the many different ways you can get involved at CES.  We are sure you will find something to suit your interests and your schedule!  If you are a non-member looking to volunteer, complete and submit the Volunteer Form to let us know what kinds of activities you enjoy and we'll help match you up with the right opportunity.


Volunteering is a great way to stay connected and meet more parents.  Plus, it's fun, meaningful, and worth it.  You can make an impact on the CES community in a variety of ways.  Obviously, serving on the board, a committee, or as a designated coordinator is a great way to get involved and to make a big impact.  Many volunteer opportunities, however, do not involve a hefty time commitment.  Some may be done virtually and at flexible times as well.  


For a full list of opportunities, check out our volunteer sign-up pages below. 

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